Steven Dawson

I worked pretty much exclusively for IOP Publishing from 2011 to 2017.

Over this time my work mainly centred around their journal publishing platform - this site attracts +2 million visitors a month from over 4700 institutions and corporations worldwide.

My final project for this website was a complete front end code base rebuild - HTML, CSS and JS - making the site fully responsive and as lightweight as possible. This involved a complete rewrite of the html, css/sass, writing new Javascript plugins, setting up a new repository so the the UI code could be developed locally and then merged straight into the dev the live release branch. Example article.

I worked at IOP Publishing as part of the main development Scrum team, liasing with the product owners and project managers, and the back-end development team - both onshore and offshore in Ukraine and India.

Journal article - desktop view
Journal article - tablet view (left), mobile view (right)
Journal homepage

At IOP Publishing I also worked on the Physics World website and developed an app for them.