Steven Dawson

Project for EHS Brann design agency, part of the Havas Group. is a Diageo owned site, used to promote their exclusive and high-end 'Classic Malts Collection'.

I was drafted into EHS Brann to provide accessible web build skills for the making of the website. Diageo had updated their requirements documents for the publication of their websites and had included a number of accessiblility issues, due to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 2002.

My role expanded as the project went on to coding up the whole site, directing Accenture on the build of the CMS and running a team of freelance developers to populate the site.

I was the chief liason between EHS Brann and Accenture in developing the CMS for the site. This involved directing requirements to parties in Dublin, New York, South Africa and India.

The site was eventually translated into over 15 languages.